Russian language center

Russian language for everyone who speaks Russian; He thinks in Russian; and feels in Russian;
The Russian language for anyone who speaks in Russian, thinks in Russian and feels in Russian
Russian language for all who speak Russian, think in Russian and feel in Russian

The Russian Language Center was established in 1995 in Moscow to teach Russian language to foreigners as well as to teach Persian language to Russian speakers. During these years, the Russian Language Center has been continuously engaged in this important issue of education, and of course in addition to visa-residency services and It has also started business in Russia and CIS. The aim of the Russian language center is to provide a very high level of Russian language education. Visa-residency services are completely legal and finally reliable business advice and cooperation in Russia and CIS in all economic branches. We hope that all clients of these years; They are completely satisfied with the Russian language center and always consult us
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Russian language center

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